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Our Favorite Shooting Locations

Here is a great tool I’ve created to help you decide on your session location. Deciding on the perfect spot can be overwhelming and difficult, so I wanted to alleviate some of the anxiety you may experience!

Below you’ll find green icons for an outdoor or park type setting, yellow for an urban location, blue for variety, and pink for locations I’m interested in photographing but have not yet had to opportunity to take clients yet. Most of the locations have photos as well as a brief description.

Feel free to open the map on your computer or phone in a separate tab by clicking on the direct link at the bottom of the page; using the map this way allows you to filter down to only the type of locations you’d like to see (such as only view park type locations).

This is only a simple guide; if you’d like to shoot somewhere not located on this map I’m more than happy to accommodate you! This map is constantly changing and being updated, there are still many places that need to be added!

A reasonable travel fee applies to any location with a driving distance of 20 miles or greater outside of 76053, starting at $40.



Here’s the link to my location map which may be a bit more user-friendly