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Asher James’ Second Birthday Party

I can’t believe that our baby just turned two because this means that his “baby days” are coming to a close… that really just hurts the heart deep down! Regardless of my sorrow, I decided to throw him a dance-themed birthday party, because oh my goodness, this kid can really dance. I mean, he knows how to salsa way better than me!

I’ve been making more of a point to document my babes lives more often with my camera, not only because I love it, but because I don’t want to simply preach to all of you how fun and important it can be to document your family’s life. I want to live it and show it!!! So I whipped out my brand new ring light (courtesy of my high school photography teacher, Grimm!), handed it to my sister to hold and began pulling people aside to shoot!

This was so much fun- and I’m so glad I took the time to take a few photos. Enjoy peeking into my Framily!

Here’s the book I’ll be printing:

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